Stump removal / stump treatment

We have a a stump grinder to completely remove stump or insert eco plugs (A highly effective patented tree stump killer. Each plug contains 300 mg of granular glyphosate herbicide. Once inserted and hammered in place, Eco plug releases glyphosate through the sides directly into the tree stumps)

Site / Garden clearance

This involves: Weed killing, tree removal, mowing, strimming, litter picking, moss removal and so much more!  Above all, we dispose of
waste materials in the most sustainable way. For instance, using the waste hiarachy.
Reduce – Re-use – Re-cycle – Recovery – Landfill

Hedge Cutting

Yeomans A&A can cut hedges of any height! Our high access vehicles allows high hedge cutting. For significant hedge height reduction it is recommended  to cut hedges before March before birds start nesting. However, ordinary hedge trimming is fine all year round but, significant reductions should be done before birds nest or later in the season after they have raised their chicks. See below for ‘types of hedges’ and please click here for advice.

Weed Control

 For all your weed control needs. We have vehicle mounted and hand held weed killing machines and stem injection control.

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Tree Surveys

This provides useful information on the trees so that you can make informed decisions on what to do with them. A tree survey might reveal certain hazards and maybe the tree may fall any moment especially when there is a strong wind or severe weather due to fungal decay. These are safety aspects that need to be taken care of and a Tree Survey should reveal safety considerations as well.

 In addition, some trees have Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) on them and would require a survey before any work could be carried out on a tree.

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Mowing and Strimming

No lawn too large

We have a variety of lawn and grass cutting equipment to cope with all eventualities which is why no lawn is too large, so why not put us to the test!

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